Parikshamate Word Parser

Parikshamate e-Learning App has one of the most powerful Word Parser among all examination provider. One can import a Word file within 2-3 seconds. With the accuracy, Parikshamate word parser supports all kind of the question like multiple choice, multiple-choice, and multiple answers, fill in the blanks, true-false, comprehension, match the following and etc.

    Parikshamate Word Parser doesn’t need to install. It is already integrated with the admin panel. On the other hand, the different services provider don’t offer this facility one has to download the parser plugin and need to install in a windows system.

     Parikshamate Word Parser has no limitation. One can upload the word file from any system (WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC OS). Free demo is also available to get the demo call us now.



1.      No installation is required.
2.      Comparable with all OS (WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC OS, ANDROID).
3.      Comparable with all browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, etc.
4.      Maximum import time in 10 seconds.
5.      Easy to Manage & use.
6.      All kind of the question like images equation, bi-chart, graphs are supported.
7.      One-click import which save a lot of time.
8.      To get premium support (24×7).