Web-Based Online Examination/ Test Software

Parikshamateis one of the most powerful web-based online examination software through which the examination can be conducted in a real-time environment. Parikshamate software is based on the SaaS model which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Parikshamate automated the whole examination process. One can conduct the online exam for the institutes, corporate sectors, training & certification companies & can analysis the candidates & generate the result & certificates very quickly.

Parikshamate Online Examination software have different type of test screen like banking/IIT/NEET which gives you the real-time exam fell that is widely used for the preparation of the civil, college, university exams
Parikshamate WordParser has a One-Click upload feature to upload word files within 1-2 seconds without any effort

Question Bank

The administrator can add an unlimited number of questions in the question bank or library. Also can add the questions in the question bank through the word parser by using the one-click import feature.

The Teacher /administrator can easily add 8 types of the question that are single correct, multiple correct answers, match the following, true-false, fill in the blanks, comprehension type, video type, audio type, etc.

Create Test

The administrator can create  & Schedule unlimited tests with our online examination software with the help of the question bank.

The administrator can design a test by defining the test name, images, Test description, instructions for the marking, & maximum time limit, etc.

Parikshamate also supports the feature of calculator & section timer. The administrator can select screens for the different exams like IIT, GATE, NEET, NTA, IBPS, SSC, etc.

monetize your Parikshamate app with the help of a payment gateway APIs


The administrator can also monetize the examination & test series with the help of our monetization module. Parikshamate supports multiple types of payment gateway like (PayU, PayPal). The administrators can also avail the flat discount & discounted coupon / Voucher. Candidates can get a discount by applying the voucher on the Product. In this way, administrators can generate high revenue.

Online book-Selling store & SEO friendly

Parikshamate is only the company that is providing an online book-selling store. One can sell the books online through an E-commerce portal integrated with the online examination software without spending any extra cost over a different E-commerce platform unlike amazon, Flipkart.

We made  the Parikshamate online examination software as per the SEO structure. So, one who doesn’t have a website can easily are a CMS-based online examination portal the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Parikshamate e-commerce featured publication module can be used to sell own books through Parikshamate web portal
Parikshamate Online Examination Software provides detailed analysis of the exams

Advance reporting system

The administrator can track the sales report related to the test series, bookstore & also the student exam analytics, student report, candidate report. The administrator can export thus online / offline sales records. In the format of CSV and Excel.

Theme customization & self-Branding

Parikshamate offers a self-branded application & Web Portal. Our landing page is CMS-based. All the Products like Test-Series, Study Material & Books can be listed over the landing page for monetization purposes.  One can change the logo or theme color as per their requirement. Parikshamate also provides the features of domain, sub-domain mapping without taking any extra charges.

theme customization