School ERP

In this modern era, everything is being digitized. The conventional management method is quite hectic which makes the school management process very difficult. Parikshamate has developed an advanced school ERP or school management software through which one can manage multiple schools, college branches on a single Schoool ERP Software. To overcome the conventional complications. it is required to have one centralized school management system. which maintains all the activities of the schools, colleges.

Parikshamate School ERP Software is a Cloud-hosted Online School management software loaded with rich features. One can register to get online admission through the website. The examinations, students learning assessments, fees collection, transportation, result & certificate generation, library management, staff management online-offline admission management, website inquiry management can be also done through the Parikshamate school ERP system software
School ERP Software
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Features of Parikshamate School ERP

Parikshamate e-Learning App is an innovative and robust Learning Management Software