Frequently Asked Questions

– Yes, Parikshamate Online Examination Software is compatible with all browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari & opera, etc.

– There is no to installation. Parikshamate has One-Click Import web-based word parser so one can import the word file within 2-3 seconds.

– Parikshamarte has an experienced team that takes an encrypted backup on the daily basis to keep secure the data.

– Yes, Parikshamate provides a selfy branding mobile application to the clients.

– Parikshamate has a web-based word parser. You can import a word file in a few seconds.
– Yes, But you need to pay extra for that.
– You can add Single correct, Multiple Correct, Blank type, True & False, essay, Match the following, etc. images equations, videos are also supported.
– Yes, It is fully customizable as per your requirement.
– Yes, You need to enable automatic certificate generation.

Parikshamate e-Learning App is an innovative and robust Learning Management Software