The center-based test (CBT) can be conducted with the help of the Parikshamate center-based testing platform. Parikshamate also supports a large number of concurrent users. So that Olympiads & recruitment test can be conducted on a large scale without any interruption.

Parikshamate Online Examination Software also supports a bulk candidate import option. So that the administrator can create unique credentials for individual students. that’s why they can easily log on to the web Portal and attempt the exams and submit it. The quick certificate can be also generated through the Parikshamate Online Examination Software.

We Provide you a customised Web Portal. it can be customised as per the your requirements. and surprise tests also can be conducted through the Parikshamate online Examination Software. To get a free trial, Call us Now!.



  • Secure platform to conduct online examination software.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Quick analytics are available.
  • It can be used by testing & Olympiads agencies.
  • Get Premium Support 24/7.

Parikshamate e-Learning App is an innovative and robust Online Examination Management System